That Difficult Return

Edison on the other hand, focuses, for example, on rapidly eliminating the’ in the salaries of new hires. All the data agree the average salary of the first permanent job in Italy. Since we hire a new graduate for 26 thousand euros however the most deserving after only three years are already.

That Difficult Return Of New

In general, in Edison, as in other Italian companies Honduras Phone Number continues Colombo, the evaluation and incentive systems show an evolution in the way of seeing talent: “Previously, individualism was rewarded, the mere obtaining of results, now we are moving on to a group logic, where talent is at the service of others, even if it is always result-oriented. The best metaphor is that of rugby, a sport where success always passes through the hands of the teammate.

Mothers To Work

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Vodafone and international rotation Finally in Vodafone Italy the mentality is to go beyond the.  Italian context using very concrete and targeted tools at a multinational level. The basic concept is that the management of talents must. Serve to motivate people to develop their potential to contribute to the creation of value. To best reconcile their aspirations with the opportunities that arise in the company explains Guindani.

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