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And today you can choose which mode of use to adopt for each individual HR process. Taking advantage of the technological combination that best meets the needs of the company. The concept of Hybrid HR From this union between On Premise and Saar comes the so-called Hybrid HR.  That is the possibility of combining different sourcing models for the human resources departmen.  Integrat and communicating with each other.

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This trend is also facilitated by the offer market which has Jamaica Phone Number strengthened the efforts towards integration between the 2 worlds .However, the Cloud is not necessarily better than On Premise solutions. There are many differences in misapprehension for example has a Apex cost model while operating costs are decisive in Cloud-bas solutions. The former offer a maximum opening to customization, the latter propose a less flexible scheme. There is no solution that a prior is better than the others but all the context variables must be evaluat. “The big news – Pisa no comments – is that now I can choose”.

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According to Northeastern, adopting only one type of solution may not be the best choice. The long-term cost of a Saar model for example may in some cases be greater than that of an On Premise solution. The HR models of tomorrow will therefore be increasingly hybrid. But systems integration becomes a critical element. The effort to integrate different platforms hitherto underestimat by companies is therefore an imperative for innovative HR departments.

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