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In particular in the application field, companies must now pose. The problem of comparing Salas and On Premise emphasizes Pisa no . Saar is growing rapidly, even the consultants now have teams of specialists in this area. There is a strong commitment to making these solutions customization even if the road is not short on the other hand companies tend to capitalize on what they already have, that is the On Premise, and a strong evolution of the “look & feel” of these solutions is underway, with interfaces that match the Saar ones.

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Lucas Urban, Head of Enterprise Solutions at Rebellion the Cambodia Phone Number sidelines of the presentation at the SAP Forum. Lucas Urban, Head of Enterprise Solutions at Zeffirelli. Explain to us in more detail the project which which started in 2012. Should be completed at the end of 2014.  Zeffirelli would need no introduction with approximately 38,000 employees in the world. 3700 in Italy it is the fifth largest tire manufacturer in the world specializing in the high-end market. It has 22 factories on four continents, and in 2012 it had a turnover of over 6 billion euros. Furthermore in the enterprise application field, Pirelli is a historical SAP user. Supports most of its business processes with the solutions of this supplier.


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The HR Transformation process is one of the various technological innovation initiatives that we have introduced in the last year – explains Urban -. Previously in the HR field, the technology used by Pirelli consisted of a centralized SAP system, but with a “Payroll Driven” architecture . The central system, in fact, was “slave” to the local Payroll systems that governed the data model. This project, on the other hand, will lead us to an “HR Driven” architecture where the centralized SAP solution becomes the “master” with respect to local administrative systems, guaranteeing homogeneity of data and processes at a global level ».

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