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Like every week, find a selection of useful resources online. Geolocate your photos on Flickr, customize your homepage or play sudoku, you should surely find what you’re looking for! mapMyflicker This tool is used to locate your photos that you have uploaded and geotagged on Flickr, to then view them on Google Earth. mapMyflicker also allows you to search for photos by location (country, region, city, etc.) or by username.

Like Every Week, Find a Selection of Useful Resources Online

Attractive ! MapMyFlickr Twt140 Twt140 brings together around fifteen useful or anecdotal applications for Twitter: create polls, find your first tweet, etc. Twt140 getwapps Getwapps is a very complete aggregator, which allows you to both organize lists of your favorite websites and access them with a single Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List, and to group your instant messaging applications (Gtalk, MSN, Facebook chat, etc.) . Perfect and very practical on the homepage of your browser. getwapps Logobliss Logobliss is a bank of logos, which you can use to find inspiration or to make your own creations visible, and to have them commented on by other contributors.

To Then View Them on Google Earth

WhatsApp number list in Afghanistan
WhatsApp number list in Afghanistan

Logobliss Iconnice On this site, you will find vector icon packs (paid) but also free wallpapers. There have been many, many quality tickets this week. I didn’t even manage to place all the links I had put aside for you… On the program for this 92nd edition of Weekly Posts, a lot of news related to social media but also sponsored posts, partnerships, Community management or even at the end of blogs. Good reading

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