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Companies try to facilitate these trends by acting on various levers principles empowerment etc. layout of workspace  ICT technologies  policies and rules  with the benefits above all of cost reduction. Greater productivity and staff satisfaction. Enrico Coverings Stemware Business Solution Strategist Today end-users want to be able to easily access. Company systems anywhere,at any time and from any device – explain Enrico Overbearing Stemware. On the other hand. IT must manage the proliferation of devices find the right apps for each type of business.

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Check that business unit and user downloads do not Kuwait Phone Number  jeopardize the security of corporate systems “. What is the way out? “IT must use solutions to centrally manage environments, devices, accesses and upgrades, and facilitate collaboration with social tools.” That is, it must capitalize on mobile and IT consumerization trends, enabling BYOD (bring your own device) and the possibility of working ‘anytime anywhere’, and supporting business strategies (outsourcing, acquisitions, etc.), even in a scenario in which it has fewer and fewer resources available, and must comply with more and more security and compliance directives.

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“VMware’s response to these needs – observes Boverino – is based on the transition from IT management device centric to user centric, and with this in mind we propose solutions for accessing data and applications through a virtual ‘workplace’ defined in function of corporate security policies, and independent of the device: these days, for example, is the announcement of the Horizon suite, a series of components designed to address these problems ”.

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