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I don’t know if it’s the summer that inspires developers, but a lot of interesting services have been coming out for a few days. Here is the toolbox again with some finds to bookmark. The next should be coming soon! Among the selection of the day, peer-to-peer file exchange from your browser. A summary of special characters in HTML , a free sound bank or even free software and applications . multiurlMultiurl : a concept already South Africa WhatsApp Number List by other sites. Want to share links? Here you can combine several of them into a single URL. Convenient to save time. digitalDigizal : we take the same (service) and we start again. At the same time, the idea is useful. This site offers you free software and applications for PC, Mac, iPhone, the web…

Among the Selection of the Day

Everything is classified by category, you should be able to find what you’re looking for quite easily. soundjay Soundjay : do you need sounds for your website? Their integration is perilous and generally South Africa WhatsApp Number List visitors… A utility can however be found for them, I trust you for that. Soundjay is a free sound bank with a fairly extensive catalog. entitycodeEntitycode : this site presents the list of HTML equivalents of special characters. Perfect for keeping everything handy. Navigation is easy, the characters are classified by categories. files over miles Files over miles : Easily send files from one computer to another from your browser. It’s peer-to-peer, but that’s no reason to use it illegally, of course. adcherry Adcheery : easily create a banner or a pad in a few clicks.

Perfect for Keeping Everything Handy

South Africa WhatsApp Number List
South Africa WhatsApp Number List

Perfect for beginners! Several templates are available, it’s up to you to customize the text and logo that appear there.It is sometimes difficult to measure the progress made in just a few decades by technology. Mobile phones, ever more powerful computers, new generation consoles, and of course, the Internet… The circulation of data and information has changed profoundly. Acceleration of course, but also a profound change in our way of perceiving it. If everything is now due to us, it suffices to go back a few decades just to put things in their context. Internet slows down a bit? Twitter is down? This is not the end of the world. To see how far we’ve come, there’s no need to refer to science fiction stories from the 1950s or Asimov’s Multivac. A little detour to the projections of 1969on what could be what is now called the Internet is enough.

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