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Others are too flawed or confusing Malaysia Phone Number and therefore inadvisable. A sneaky example is athlete , which in Dutch only means ‘athletic practitioner’ and not ‘athlete’ in a general sense, as the English athlete can be used. And some cases are questionable. You can translate more or less by sowing more or less without a doubt, but the most Malaysia Phone Number common (and therefore clearest) is more or less . Similar: sooner or later ( sooner or later ) is possible, but why not just sooner or later ? Also something like ‘that’s not rocket science’ is superfluous if Malaysia Phone Number you can say just fine: ‘that’s not higher mathematics.

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In short, avoid ‘lazy Malaysia Phone Number translating’, unless dutchization is already fully established. On to the list! 1. Acting To act on something is a literal translation of to act on something . Today apparently we should not act or just do something , but act on it . In the Dikke Van Dale you search in vain for that English meaning for that word; in Dutch Malaysia Phone Number acting is reserved for actors. Conclusion: avoid acting . There are many alternatives: do something , act , act , react , take action (and not take ). Examples can be found here . 2. Address Address the unrest”, it sounded on Radio 1 . That means ‘bringing it up for discussion, naming it as such (and Malaysia Phone Number entrusting someone with the solution)’, says Van Dale.

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But the general public is not familiar Malaysia Phone Number with that borrowed meaning. To address can also mean ‘to address’, but ‘Rutte addresses the nation’ is really still a bridge too far in Dutch. Conclusion: rather use something other than addressing , for example naming , discussing , tackling . Avoid it in the sense of ‘speak’ anyway. 3. Control, control Malaysia Phone Number Can we control the virus? Have we lost control already? Or can we get it under control with an intelligent lockdown? Once upon a time, control and checking were all about supervision. Under the Malaysia Phone Number influence of English, they now also mean ‘mastery’ and ‘control.

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