“toni La Chef”, With a Key Support: Social Influencers

On the program of this fifteenth Toolbox , 6 varied tools. You can discover a site for selecting the best videos of the moment, web design advice , an RSS feed generator so you don’t forget your friends’ birthdays or even a free online notepad. Good discovery! reddit to Reddit.TV : when a renowned bookmarking site provides a Egypt B2B List a selection of the web, it inevitably makes you want to. Several categories are available, and you will discover recent videos. To have ! the do’sThe do’s and don’ts of modern we design : a practical memo to better understand the do’s and don’ts of web design.

Best Videos of the Moment, Web Design Advice

Several levels are offered. Many explanatory links have been added if you want to go further. rises birthday RSS birthday: you never remember your friends’ birthdays? Enter all the dates at once, the service will create an RSS feed for you. Ideal for not missing important dates. alloy Alloy : avatar creation service which has the particularity Egypt B2B List tube videos. You can animate your avatar and of course, edit it. Beware of the animated gif syndrome, kitsch is reaching out to us. notepad Online notepad : save all your texts online for free and easily. Registration only takes a few seconds, it’s a good solution to avoid sending emails to yourself! You can even place videos.

Many Explanatory Links Have Been Added

Egypt B2B List

Chortle Chortled: create your charts online then publish them easily thanks to the embed code provided. The site offers many customization settings. Simple and practical, it’s a must Freeware & tutorials – Best of: the best software of April : many free resources. Relaxation A geek at home – Who’s in charge? : cats lead us by the nose, the Egypt B2B List strip blog. What’s up net – Folding a t-shirt: infallible method: folding t-shirts is not easy, at least for me… This video can help you. Chez Palou – One year already: happy birthday! Vlogee – The morning routine in 5 min by the Japanese: all the tips to get ready very quickly when your alarm clock hasn’t rung… Chronicles of A – Cloud Art : very pretty photos based on clouds. Goutier – Superb Facebook business cards: well thought out, well made… Nothing to complain about!

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