Social Human Resources

Big Data will be us more and more. Lack of skills is one of the main problems of companies that are working to change their recruiting strategies. Thus there are companies such as Entelo Gild TalentBin. ThesocialCV able to analyze not only a candidate’s Linkedin profile but also Twitter. Facebook and the activity on specialized sites relating to their professions. An approach that allows you to better evaluate candidates than the interview alone. Mobile Apps are the new frontier of job search.

Social Human Resources Is The Key

Sodexo, the 20th largest employer in the Unit Saudi Arabia Phone Number States gained a major advantage in recruitment procedures when it developed a mobile-optimized site and an App to bring together all the information about the company, which has been used by potential employees to search for vacancies, join a community, receive job alerts and start understanding what it’s like to work for Sodexo.To date, 17% of the traffic concerning job offers comes from the App against just 2% in the first months of 2012.


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It’s time for gamification. Given the spread of video games, companies are also thinking of using them. Gartner predicts that 40% of Fortune 1,000 will soon use gamification as their primary method of transforming business processes. Ntt Data uses it with the “Ignite Leadership” game created to develop the five key skills for leaders: negotiation, communication, time management, change management and problem solving. The results are excellent.The annual performance review is over. Companies are harnessing the “wisdom of the crowds” by discovering that they are now able to consistently gather information on employee performance in an ongoing dialogue rather than once a year.

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