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Julien made me the pleasure of informing me this weekend of the novelties of the next version of Blogonet . Jean-Marie and Fred have already had the opportunity to broach the subject. As a reminder, I presented Blogonet a few weeks ago. If Digg is a heavyweight across the Atlantic, French-speaking digg-likes are struggling to break through . The rare USA Business Fax List that had succeeded in imposing themselves have since lost their luster… On the one hand, bloggers are discouraged by the time- consuming side of the thing. Spending hours each month registering tickets to only collect a few dozen visits can be tiring. On the other hand, some of the readers abandoned the ship faced with the lack of diversitysources and the quality of the news, not necessarily at the rendezvous.

Many Subjects Lend Themselves

To find out about blogging news and make yourself known, there remained Google Blogsearch (if we know what we are looking for) and Wikio .Here is the selection of the posts which marked me these last days on the blogosphere. Many interesting USA Business Fax List made, especially on Twitter, the Hadopi law and professional social networks. On the online services side, Twitter is once again at the top of the bill, as is digital identity. Finally, don’t forget some simple gestures that can save lives and discover beautiful photos to celebrate Earth Day . Good reading ! paper Develop your digital economy – White paper on professional social networks: an interesting comparison written by Eric Herschkorn and Patrick Barrabé and offered under a Creative Commons license.

Blogging News and Make Yourself Known

USA Business Fax List
USA Business Fax List


Jean-Luc Raymond – Twitter interview, the private revealed in a public mode, oversharing as a mode of sharing : interview of the French Twitter which USA Business Fax List followers. Interesting. GuiM – Pirates, but big consumers! : interesting study, downloaders would also be the biggest consumers of cultural products… Fredzone – Blogasty09: less visibility? : interesting reflection on the new version of this digg-like. Is it bringing in fewer votes and visitors than before? Bug brother – How to bypass cyber surveillance? : fundamental reflection on the Hadopi law. Citizen Kane – The hijacking of Facebook groups, a minor art: an astonishing and sometimes very funny phenomenon. Ilonet – Blog: always richer and more original content for success? : a valid questioning for many.

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