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However this is a rather limit budget on average equal to a quarter of the other costs of HR processes . It is therefore not surprising that the impact of CIT in the last three years. Declar by the HR directors is still mainly confin to the administration. Partly also to the evaluation of the performances on which most of the investments in the last 3 years have focus. CIT solutions in human resources Business intelligence to support the analysis of HR metrics still plays a marginal role, but presents the major introduction trends expected for 2013 (18%). Follow by knowledge management and collaboration development  and internal communication.

Smart Working And New

Digital technologies are set to play an increasingly important role in the transformation. Forward  thinking HR directors have understood that to cope Latvia Phone Number with identity change they must. Learn to leverage new technologies to redesign human resource management. Development processes This is highlight not only by the increase in people dedicat. To the management and development of information systems expect for 2013. But also by the trends relating to the CIT budget for HR applications.

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The CIT budget dedicated to HR is growing According to data from the HR Innovation Practice Observatory , in fact, HR costs (personnel and outsourcing) for 2013 significantly decrease in 22% of cases, while the CIT budget is growing in 31% of cases. cases.The budget of the HR department.These data highlight the key role of new technologies for the “restructuring and renewal” of the HR department and appear even more significant when compared with the average reduction of the CIT budgets of companies in Italy which is.

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