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2014 will be the year of social human resources. The forecast is by Jeanne Meister author of the book The 2020 Workplace. Which tells how in 2013 organizations began to integrate social technologies into recruitment procedures. A process that will come to fruition in the coming months.This year there will be a further push to the consumerization of human resources with the use of personal devices to change the way we work with colleagues, communicate with managers and interact with the HR department. Increasingly, employees are asking to view their company’s new career opportunities on tablets and provide feedback on a team member’s performance at the click of a button.

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The other trends indicated by Jeanne Meister concern Afghanistan Phone Number the spread of social learning thanks to the use of tools such as Yammer, Adobe Connect and Google. In this way, even within organizations, it will be easier to collaborate with other employees. There are also great expectations for the Massive open online courses already used by Yahoo today.  While the importance of Klout will also grow at least in the US given the agreement reach with Yammer. At BMW the hours worked, and the relative salary will also be count on. The basis of the time spent sending and receiving emails.Text messages outside the company with a laptop or smartphone.

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This is the novelty recently introduc by the well-known German car manufacturer. For example if an employee works 10 hours more in a week. In addition to the standard 40 with a laptop  smartphone or other device those hours will go into the calculation of the total work and you will have the right to request a cut in the equivalent time. In this way the employees decide with their bosses the hours of non-office availability.

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