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Seth Godin needs no introduction to this crowd. And there’s a good chance many of you already have his latest book, Tribes of Copy . If not, tribes are all about leadership in the post-geographic world. The Internet allows anyone to be the leader of a tribe large or small, a member from the entire planet. And people expect you to lead them on various occasions.

But how does one become a leader? What is the process and why does it happen? I asked Seth 5 questions about tribal leader dynamics, Estonia Phone Number List and here’s what he had to say: 1. How does a member of any particular tribe know that she is ready to lead her own? Seth : Well, everyone is a member of a tribe. A community tribe, perhaps a spirit.

How Does a Member of Any Particular Tribe Know That She Is Ready to Lead Her Own?

The time to start your own tribe is when you realize the obligation you have to contribute to your leadership, and when you are passionate enough to understand a goal, you will make the commitment the tribe demands to get there. In other words, when you care about doing.

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Estonia Phone Number List

If you don’t care, don’t complain, don’t complain. But if there is a change you want to happen (business change, social change, any change) then this is the way to do it. 2. But, you say the funniest things happen on the fringes, which I suspect is true with all types of tribes. I think it’s also really at the intersection of neighboring tribes. Are edges and intersections the most fertile soil for new leaders?

You Say the Funniest Things Happen on the Fringes

If you look, we’ve seen innovation online, and they’ve all been on the fringes. No one wins by saying, “It’s a better version of AOL” or “It’s a better version of Yahoo.” Google won the advantage of finding that Yahoo cares (search) little and embraced it. Then with the behavior of tribes, we can see that most people have no interest in joining a new tribe.

So, who? edge type. restless person. Or, dissatisifed job seekers. This means that the earliest members are fellow travelers, a leap that people are willing to take. So they bring in friends and grow in situations. It is rare that we have divisions between different tribes (Arabs and Jews, Shiites and Suunis, Ron Paul and Denis Kuching). More likely is apathy. In fact, more likely, most people are just sitting around doing nothing.

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