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Transformation leaders also stand out in the use of ICT with higher levels of use of solutions. To support activities such as internal communication training. Knowledge management as well as the high presence of more traditional tools to support personnel. Administration performance evaluation and personnel research and selection. How digital technologies impact on HR processes To fully understand the impact of digital. Technologies on HR processes the Observatory researchers analyzed the correlation. Between the use of ICT tools and some key process metrics.

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It emerges that the companies that support HR processes Cyprus Phone Number through an Cyprus Phone Number extensive use of ICT enjoy much higher performance improvements than in the sample companies where digital leverage is not fully exploited.The most significant impacts are manifested in the administration and budgeting of personnel performance evaluation personnel research and selection and training.

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The correlation between the use of ICT tool . It is significant in this regard that of those who use social networks to support the search. Selection of personnel have declar a net decrease in recruiting costs and times.

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