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Like every week, I offer you a selection of 6 online tools and resources. On the program of the day, a generator of hot topics for your blog, a tool to centralize your speeches on different social media or even an English/Navi translator… Happy reading! Linkbait generator This enticing content generator is a little nugget. Everything is automatic, but the results are impressively credible.

Predictable bloggers? link bait Homepuzz Manage your Twitter, Facebook and Google Wave accounts on one Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List aving time, the main problem with the web…Homepuzz Dlvr.it This service, in closed beta phase (you can still request an invitation), allows you to automatically publish your latest posts on Twitter and Facebook via your RSS feed. And also provides stats! dlvr tube2tone Tube2tone offers you to create your ringtone from any YouTube video. Something to change regularly.

Link Bait Homepuzz Manage Your Twitter

tube2tone Please Rob Me Social networks and real-time updates pose privacy issues… Especially when you indicate that you are away from home! This site seeks to open minds from a new angle: to indicate that one is not at home is to Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List the keys to thieves. please rob me Navigator Edit: Navilator is no longer available, too bad…Translate any text into Navi language, the language of Avatar (the movie). Yes, it’s totally but I’m sure fans read this blog. Denounce yourself!The long-awaited press conference took place yesterday at 7 p.m. French time live on Youtube . And of course, a big announcement popped up.

This Site Seeks to Open Minds From a New Angle

Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List
Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List

Google is going to join the battle for real-time socialization and thus join Twitter and Facebook in this buoyant niche that Friend feed has already paid the price for Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List Google buzz has just been born! And yahoo is already indignant, seeing a copy to Yahoo! buzz . Same story at Friend feed . After the bitter failure of Google Wave fell like a blank after the need created by the system of invitations to the private beta, we are entitled to ask ourselves what this umpteenth novelty will giveof the research empire. A real competitor to Twitter? A democratization of real-time sharing? A Facebook killer? Or a secondary feature soon to be replaced by another novelty?

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