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As for IT support tools the most used are Job Posting (83%) emails (69%). Career succession management systems (45%) while Italy makes greater use of.  Performance Management which is in second place (63%) instead of emails. In Italy performance management for selection purposes is also among the first three tools consider indispensable (“must have”) after.

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Although over 47% of companies consider Malaysia Phone Number internal recruiting to be strategic to retain talent, only 22% measure its effectiveness by identifying Key Performance Indicators, instead giving more importance to employee satisfaction and the success rate after the closure of the company. position. The other countries, on the other hand, first of all measure the closing of the selections and the recruiting times. But what are the main obstacles to a more extensive and integrat adoption of internal recruitment.  In a logic of talent management? In the first place there is a cultural problem of management. Which is accentuat in Italy where 70% of managers fear losing. Their best men they make them available to internal mobility. Furthermore the second resistance for one in two European companies concerns the limited supply of evaluable candidates.


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“It is clear”, concludes Mariano Corso professor of Organization and Human Resources at the Politecnico di Milano and scientific director of the Digital Innovation Observatories that in Italy there is still a very close relationship between boss and collaborator in the hierarchical line, while more transparency is needed in positions in terms of both merit and organization. I believe that internal recruitment will establish itself in the coming years especially for new emerging figures , such as big data analysts still lacking on the marke.  For which a broad and rigorous mapping of internal resources will be need to highlight who to bet on, also through integrated systems. of talent management “.

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