Review of France in 2019 the Federation of E-commerce

The federation of e-commerce and distance selling, also called fevad. Has published its second quarterly report of the year on the situation of e-commerce in france. According to the latest figures in their report. This market is still doing just as well, and the forecasts are very encouraging. The turnover of online sales should, in fact, reach 100 billion euros this year. Good news for e-merchants. As 2018 ended on a relatively mixed note, in the sense that this highlight was somewhat spoiled by the “Yellow vests” movement. Your digital strategy agency reviews this report.

2018, a Contrasting Year for French E-merchants

The “Yellow vests” movement has not helped e-commerce. We thought that  Canada WhatsApp Number List the “yellow vests” crisis would have boosted e-commerce, but it seems that. It has not been favorable to it. Indeed, the number of e-shoppers who made their purchases online remained stable compared to the previous year. 73% compared to 75% in 2017. We can even argue that the movement of “Yellow vests” has been slightly harmful to e-commerce. According to a survey published by the csa and the fevad. 21% of people questioned said they had spent less than expected for their christmas purchases online because of the yellow vests.

Fevad Survey on Internet Shopping Behavior at Christmas

For some time now, we have noticed that the average amount of transactions has been decreasing, as has the average basket of e-shoppers. Despite a slight slowdown, e-commerce remains a dynamic sector. The frequency of purchases increased by 20.7% compared to 2017. Online sales increased by 13.4% in 2018, compared to 14.3% in 2017. In 2018, purchases online generated 92.6 billion euros 2018. A figure that should reach 100 billion euros this year. We have just seen it above, the turnover of online sales should pass the symbolic bar of 100 billion euros this year. Since 2014, the momentum has been such that the sector has experienced double-digit growth every year.

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