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Best Union Company – one of the world’s leading operators in the design, production, marketing and management of electronic ticketing systems – won first place in the small and medium-sized business category , with a project that made it possible to reduce the movement of people with significant savings on travel expenses, increase the availability of people and collaboration between users, as well as improve employee training.

Reinventing the business with lateral thinking

Finally, for the Public Administration category , the first prize went to the Ministry of Economy and Finance with a project aimed at increasing the productivity of teamwork and reducing the costs of communication, travel and structural goods Egypt Phone Number realized with various solutions in the cloud, it has contributed to improving personnel processes and efficiency and increasing the importance and diffusion of Unified Communication and Let’s start with a hint from everyday life: to do my surgery here in Milan I flew from London by checking in online at my home. It was not easy to introduce it, but it was certainly worth it: it is an advantage for the passenger and also for the airline. It is an example of how you can reinvent your business.

The Risk Is Inevitable

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Italy has many problems, like other countries. I believe that the solution is not in the policies of austerity and rigor but in innovation. Creativity the ability to do things better in a different and smarter way. In 15 years every business today, if it survives, will be different: the processes, the products, the services. It is a frightening prospect, but one must prepare for it. On the other hand, leadership and innovation always go hand in hand. A leader always innovates, is able to transform organizations. A manager, on the other hand, reduces costs, improves performance.

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