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In the meantime, Bain & Company , a consulting firm, is also about to start a pilot project.The approach of CERN in Geneva is more traditional in which candidates submit them to a video interview. Sitting at his computer with webcam and headphones the candidate connects to the. Web service through which a voice tells him how the interview will take place. Gives him some advice on how to try to relax. Dress in white to increase the contrast. Managers are call to put a stop to these bad habits who should put. The time of their staff in the right light ensuring the good conduct of meetings. Moderating the interventions in a sensible way.

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The interview, which lasts a minute and a half Azerbaijan Phone Number is asynchronous in the sense that the candidate does not interact with the interviewer, everything is recorded. The selection process includes a first phase with CV selection and cover letter. A 20% reduction in transport costs borne by the organization. The fact is that many managers think about how to manage meetings well have never train to do. It or are simply too busy to think about it.

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According to Anna Cook, head of the CERN Recruitment Unit, in this way «recruiters identify better and faster the personality of candidates. In the company, the fashion of river and close-up meetings is spreading.

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