Refined Consultancy

3D printing makes it possible to use the available resources efficiently. To foresee the production of small series or even single objects. Reducing the risks of overproduction and more generally of waste. As often happens the technology behind the 3D printer was first test in the military and subsequently transferr to other contexts. The step towards the industrial consumer world was short.

Refined Consultancy For 3D Printing

The sector is relatively new and extremely Germany Phone Number niche and has seen the proliferation of companies that have decided to invest in this technology in a short time (many start-ups of a few people as opposed to companies that have now been established and have been on the market for years).As regards the professional figures , being essentially a co-design activity agreed with the customer or even an activity by pure subcontractors, the most sought after is the Project Manager.

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The demand for this type of figure by companies in the sector is rather limit in terms of volumes. Both due to the need to keep their workforce lean. To the temporary shortage of this kind of profiles in our country. But it represents a great opportunityfor companies looking for specialized personnel.

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