Reducing Bounce Rate: 7 Effective Ways

Utilize Meta Descriptions

Search engines look at Meta Descriptions as the CIO & CTO Email List most stripped down explanation for what’s on your landing page. These are also the little pieces of information that show up under your link in the search results. Making sure that this section is filled out accurately and with the proper keywords is an effective way for search engines to serve your content as an answer to search queries. Keep this in mind as you craft your meta descriptions; think about the question you want to answer!

3. Employ a Visually Pleasing Design

CIO & CTO Email List

There are plenty of aspects that fall into your site being user friendly. How is your color contrast? If your font is white and your background is yellow, you may be doing your visitor a disservice. Think about how you can organize your site to allow for the easiest experience. You want users to feel comfortable when they see look around, so keep color, font, and structure in mind when designing your website. Also, don’t leave too much room for imagination. If someone sees a flood of white spaces, they may see that as lacking in content. If you occupy that space with bullet points or pictures, users will be more intrigued.

4. Be Mindful with Pop-Ups

When you’re in a hurry for information, the last thing you want is a huge display popping up, asking you to submit an email or subscribe to a newsletter. If you’re a business that sees value in whitepapers or discount pop-ups, by all means make use of them! Our suggestion to you though– be subtle. No one wants to feel bombarded the moment they enter a webpage, so allowing time for one to navigate prior to making your “pitch” known will prevent users from steering away from your page with haste.

5. Don’t Keep Visitors Waiting

While keeping “with the times” is becoming increasingly important, we’re talking about the time it takes for your page to load. If navigating to your page takes longer than a few seconds, over 50% of users will grow impatient and leave your site without even getting a glimpse of your homepage. Look into the server you’re using or what software your programs are compatible with and consider making changes to improve load time.

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