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The particular professional profile of the Project Manager usually starts from an entry level of 40,000 euros as gross. Annual salary to reach peaks of 60 / 70,000 euros for the most experienced figures. A figure therefore absolutely in line with the same type of profile operating in other sectors. Such as construction automotive or production to order. Approach to the specializ labor marketalmost oblig by 3D printing companies. Although of great potential still represents a novelty and therefore an embodiment in some respects. All the more reason since the role of the . Project Manager is also a commercial one the salaries set out above are often combin with a variable package depending.

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3D printing makes it possible to use the available resources efficiently and to foresee the production of small series or even single objects, reducing the risks of overproduction and more generally of waste. As often happens, the technology behind the 3D printer was first tested in the military and subsequently transferred to other contexts. The step towards the industrial and consumer world was short. This technology makes it possible to eliminate the costs of logistics, storage and transport, as well as ensuring maximum production flexibility and efficiency.

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