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Project For The evolution of the organizational models and of the management logics of human. Capital represent strategic levers on which to focus in order to improve the performance. Increase the competitiveness of our companies. Today more than ever in fact Italian companies find themselves having to make. The most of their people in order to face the economic situation. The growing attention to the phenomenon of Smart Working is part of this context an innovative approach to. The organization of work that integrates. Overcomes concepts such as teleworking or working on the move. Calling into question all traditional constraints starting from the physical space. To working hours and tools in search of new balances bas on greater freedom empowerment of workers.

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The adoption of smart working models can increase Russia Phone Number the productivity of companies to a value of 27 billion euros and reduce fixed costs by 9 billion euros. Teleworking and reduced travel can save workers 4 billion euros. In the evolution of organizational models, Italy appears to lag behind Europe, but teleworkers are increasing and by 2015 one in three companies will allow employees to use personal devices for work purposes.

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The Report , from the Smart Working Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, based on a research that involved about 600 companies operating in Italy and 1,000 professionals, analyzes the phenomenon of Smart Working in Italy, describing in detail the innovative and the benefits associated with the new work models, in terms of organizational policies (teleworking, flexible hours), physical layout of workspaces and digital technologies.

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