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You will need to uninstall all apps, revoke memberships, and cancel all other features that require the payment of fees. Don’t forget to cancel the Shopify domain  Image Masking as well. Since you want to migrate to WooCommerce and you don’t need the Shopify domain, you should remove it to avoid any issues when switching. removing shopify domian   Image Masking Image Source: Shopify Help Open your Shopify admin, select Online Store , then choose Domains . Next to the domain, you will notice a button labeled “Delete domain”. Click the button and follow further instructions to cancel the domain.


To finally close your  Image Masking Shopify store

Open your admin panel and find settings . Next, click on Account and proceed to Store Status to locate the close option. Choose Close your store and confirm the action. Using a plugin to migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce Image Masking  Manually migrating your Shopify store to WooCommerce can be a demanding process if you’ve never migrated a site before. For this reason, many Shopify store owners use plugins like Cart2Cart to manage the migration process. cart2cart migration from shopify to woocommerce To use Cart2Cart for the migration process: Sign up for Cart2Cart.

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Choose Shopify as the  Image Masking source cart

Enter your Shopify URL and API key. Set Woocommerce as the target cart. Enter your Woocommerce URL. Install the necessary connection bridge. Choose the data you want to import Start the migration by clicking  Image Masking  Start Full Migration . Cart2Cart pricing packages will depend on the number of products and size of data you want to migrate. Wrap We hope we have proven the benefits of opting  Image Masking  for WooCommerce and WordPress as your eCommerce platform and inspired you on how to migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce step by step. Migrating your Shopify store to WooCommerce is a tough call and you shouldn’t take it for granted. By following the above steps, the migration will be much easier for you.


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