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Smart Working in Italy today can and must be done. This is the message of the 2014 edition of the Smart Working Observatory of the. Politecnico di Milano which found that 67% of companies have already activat some initiatives in this sense also in. Italy an innovative approach to work is spreading which is it is characteriz by flexibility. Autonomy in the choice of spaces working hours and the tools and technologies to be us.

Politecnico Di Milano Smart Working

Making Smart Working today in Italy is Canada Phone Number now possible says Mariano Corso.  Scientific Manager of the Smart Working Observatory. The results obtained by the companies that first ventured into this path indicate how digital technologies. The new devices available and the culture spread among people make. It possible to question stereotypes relating to places hours. Work tools allowing people to achieve greater professional effectiveness. A better work-life balance at the same time. The initiatives of the companies must be accompani by interventions on infrastructures such as broadband. Wi-Fi in public places together with measures to simplify the contractual forms that facilitate. Promote these forms of flexibility. But above all doing Smart Working today is necessary because the extent of the concrete benefits obtain for people. businesses and the environment make it an indispensable lever for recovering the energy. talents necessary for the competitiveness of the country system.

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Polimi Leadership & Innovation Professor, Scientific Head of the HR Observatory and the Polimi Smart Working Observatory, Scientific Head of P4I-Partners4InnovationBut there is still a long way to go. In fact to date only 8% of companies have really adopt a Smart Working model mainly large companies in the food.  ICT and Telco sectors  associat with the development of a systemic plan and the introduction of tools. digital technologies adequate organizational policies new organizational behaviors and physical layout of the spaces.

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