Playing With Google and Seo: and Kensaku and 8 Other Games

Nintendo and Google have teamed up to provide the Wii with a new game of a somewhat special kind: in And-Kensaku about having fun with search engine queries. Finding the most powerful keywords, knowing which search returns the most results. A rather innovative concept for a consumer platform! Playable up to 4 people online, it will be released on April 29 in Japan. google Nintendo game google Nintendo game 2 For the moment, no Albania WhatsApp Number List release planned But this is an opportunity to come back to some games already available online and which will appeal to your sense of research and referencing! To begin with, At the end of the game, you have the opportunity to discover the sites from which the images that have been offered to you come from.

Finding the Most Powerful Keywords

Two nice little applications to compare two requests: Web Source and Google Fight both allow you to organize a small reconnaissance fight on the Net. Enter two words, two expressions, two people you want to see compete, and we will Albania WhatsApp Number List you who gets the most results on Google. Who will win? Google Fight On Google Fight, you can also see the last fights carried out and the great classics. Something to have fun for a few minutes. More poetically, Guess The Google displays a mosaic of 20 images, and you must determine which keyword led to this selection. The game is in English, but the words to find are mostly very common. Pay attention to the time limit! Guess the google Still on the theme of images, and also in English, on Google Image Labeler you play in pairs with another player,

The game is in English

Albania WhatsApp Number List
Albania WhatsApp Number List

In addition to being entertaining, this game allows Google to refine its search results on images. Google Image labeler A curiosity: Googlewhack . Googlewhacking is a game (difficult, and almost impossible now) which consists in finding a combination of two words for which there is only one result on Google Albania WhatsApp Number List. A very short-lived exercise, since as soon as you publish your Googlewhack on a website, there is automatically more than one result… The quiz available on the Paradise blog allows you, in 30 questions, to test your SEO knowledge. A little technical, but it also appeals to his general knowledge of the Web.

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