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Barbecues, various games or simply aperitifs, all the excuses are good to get together. Several sites offer you to organize your evening from A to Z online. No more endless calls, everything happens on the web! Flavor Tunes offers a very comprehensive service in this area. From invitations Lebanon WhatsApp Number List , you can manage everything there. Nothing revolutionary in the end, but the centralization of features is interesting. Here is a small overview of what the site has to offer. The evening First step . choose the visual that will accompany your invitation.

Summer Is a Good Time to Organize Evenings With Friends

You have the choice between about twenty themed templates (wedding, cocktail, ) or plain. You can add one of your creations (maximum 250*187 pixels). Indicate the important information for your evening: address, time, contact. You can also add a description of the festivities. info The invitations Your evening informed, you must Lebanon WhatsApp Number List the logical sequence: the guests . For each person invited to your party, you can specify the name, email and mobile phone. you are also the Practical detail, if you organize several events from the site, you can retrieve information from previous evenings.

Indicate the Important Information

Lebanon WhatsApp Number List
Lebanon WhatsApp Number List

The management of responses is done on the site. again where your contacts can directly confirm (or not) their presence. But also view the other participants. as well as for taking stock of the situation at a glance. guest list The playlist Are you tired of evenings that turn into the battle of trenches for control of the music ? Flavor tunes offers a good compromise. Each guest will be able to add a list of sounds they want to listen to by Lebanon WhatsApp Number List the playlist . But You can even create folders to facilitate your next sessions.  All you have to do is finalize.

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