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Studies report that that number is roughly 126 bits of data per second. It might seem a rather large number. But if we think that a simple conversation occupies at least forty bits of information every second. We can understand why if we dedicate ourselves to other tasks at the same time. We will hardly be able to carry them out in a effective. It is possible to enter that state by potentially carrying out any activity. However the theory indicates that the following conditions are necessary. The activity that is taking place must have a clear formulation of the objectives to be achieve.

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What is taking place must give immediate returns on the Belarus Phone Number result of the actions put into practice, allowing the person to change strategy and execution methods during the course of the work. It is necessary to have the necessary skills to carry out the activity. It would therefore seem that the necessary ingredients are knowing what. How to do it having a clear idea of ​​the direction in which to proce. Being able to constantly check it being in the presence of high levels of challenge and ability. Last but not least being able to manage any distractions. Many HR managers are face with a crossroads to risk succumbing. To the weight of operational activities that are increasingly monopolizing their time.

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Or ride this period of strong change to “transform” the crisis into an opportunity and become what the analysts of the HR Innovation Practice Observatory call precisely the “transformation leader ”. In this process, an important element is represented by outsourcing, or the outsourcing of some activities previously managed within the company perimeter to other suppliers. Indeed, the Observatory’s research highlights how the use of external activities will increasingly also concern strategic activities. Today many outsourced activities concern the administrative part (personnel budget, administration).

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