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Challenging the rules: from Marconi to Ryanair To innovate it is necessary to have a vision, a goal, a direction. To create a better world, to change the business, you need a reason. The vision should inspire, be concise, clear, challenging. An example is GlaxoSmithKline the vision is not to become the first pharmaceutical company. He most efficient but to improve people’s lives make them feel and live better and longer.

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Another example of an effective vision is that of the Estonia Phone Number British Ministry of the Interior: to create a safe, just and tolerant society. A clear vision is one that motivates people, gives them direction, and helps them create value. A second necessary ingredient for innovation is to always test our beliefs. Writer Mark Twain used to say: “What has to worry us in life is not what we don’t know, but what we think we know for sure “. Any assumption about the business could be wrong or simply outdated by the times. If we don’t know things, we inform ourselves and ask questions, but we don’t usually question what we think we know, and that’s exactly what an innovative leader should do.

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Every rule and every belief must be check because they could be wrong do not trust. The experts but experiment firsthand trying and watching what happens on the market. Here are some examples.Radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi demonstrated that waves could be transmitted over long distances, from England to Canada, although the widespread opinion was that it would not work, as waves were known to travel in a straight line and the earth is spherical. But he tried anyway and was successful. Discovering that the signal is actually reflected from the atmosphere and then arrives at the receiver.

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