Possible development of The Last of Us 2 goes viral

On Facebook, posts that ask questions get more likes than any other type of post. It doesn’t take much time or effort to create a Facebook poll, get valuable feedback and analyze your data. Not all polls need to maintain the serious tone Belgium Phone Number List research. For example, Starbucks created an ordering preference survey that generated 2,267 likes and 1,660 comments in 24 minutes. (Having a Facebook page with 37 million followers doesn’t hurt.)

In Partnership With Pinkbike, Gopro Held a Best Line Contest

With a $15,000 prize. Contest entrants had to create and edit a video based on their experience, providing hours of compelling footage that the two companies could market as authentic experiences with their products. This same footage also provided insight into who their strongest supporters were, how they used the Belgium Phone Number List equipment, and the most compelling stories customers built around using the product.In honor of a new product launch, M&M’s announced three flavors in a post with a call to action asking subscribers to leave their thoughts in the comments section:

The Most Valuable Insights May Come From Those Who Don’t


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Follow your brand. Some 96% of those who discuss brands online do not follow the brand’s profile.As Kristin Smaby explains, customers want to share their stories about brands, even if that conversation is indirect: When customers Belgium Phone Number List stories, they don’t just share pain points. In fact, they teach you how to improve your product, your service, and your business.A Facebook post that tags a brand can trigger an avalanche of related comments, which ASOS experienced:It is possible to keep track of brand mentions, i.e. comments Belgium Phone Number List social media monitoring tools such as Mention, Brandwatch, Meltwater, Digimind Social, Brand24, Radarly and others. With its 280 character limit, Twitter is an effective source of market research. There are two main ways to collect qualitative data:Polls.


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