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Here is my weekly selection of posts that have marked me on the blogosphere. On the program of the day, the end of Monovision, Hadoop still in the news, the controversy around the convicts of information , a selection of useful tools and some good moments of relaxation . Good discovery ! Tools and Services tool GuiM – Identify for Firefox: all about the Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List a site (or its owner) : an extension that says a lot about your digital identity! Web news cocktail – Twitter news N°2 : Thierry compiles for our greatest pleasure the rich news of Twitter. Jean-Marie Gall – Coquette Part 5 Icons, a new set of 50 beautiful web icons: a nice pack of icons, to discover. Vendee sign – VDMLike: Create a VDM Like with WordPress: VDM-likes are everywhere! And it’s not ready to stop,

That Says a Lot About Your Digital

Benjamin gives us a WordPress theme to launch yours… Gee Me – With Firefox, let’s extend the domain of the fight… : not yet switched to Firefox? No more reason to hesitate! Medianaranja – Twibles: finding your tribe on twitter: presentation of a Twitter application and the creation Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List blogs. There’s something new with Southwest job bloggers . Anne-Laure has been in office for a short time, she gives us an overview of these first weeks in her new company . A lot of work but also a lot of enthusiasm! Patricia also talks about her current experience , namely the creation of a practice. Good luck to her for the future. Christian takes stock of his skills. Odile has just found a job, congratulations! Mo has also found a job, she explains this to us in more detail.

These First Weeks in Her New Company

Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List
Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List

Many bloggers offer advice and explanations on their fields of expertise. Iso offers us an explanatory video of the Creative Commons license . Useful, in particular, to illustrate your blogs. Anabas has made a summary of tips to save time with the select function. Claire tells us that Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List be paid in the form of Cesu to job seekers with dependent children. Good news in these difficult times. France focuses on taking notes. Difficult exercise, fortunately she offers us useful advice on the subject. On the relaxation side , Vanessa makes us enjoy an artist she appreciates, Emily Goreville. To see, his creations are really successful. Has the buzz become a dictatorship? Jessica gives her thoughts on this subject. Finally, Yann Arthus Bertrand is releasing his new film Home very soon, Didier tells us more.

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