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The Intranet of banks is increasingly establishing itself as a complete work environment integrat with the. Core applications of the business – says Mariano Corso.  Scientific Manager of the Banks Intranet Observatory of the School of Management of the. Politecnico di Milano- in which communication and collaboration between people find a fundamental channel for their development . But he warns: “To accompany the transition to new organizational models, the adoption, even if technologically correct, of more or less” fashionable “tools is not enough, it is necessary to intervene at the same time on culture, spaces and leadership models, and define adequate governance strategies and models. Only in this way is it possible to “unload” the potential of the Intranet.

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Indeed, the Research shows that the Intranet plays a particularly relevant role in some areas: Strategic support – In supporting the strategic needs Malta Phone Number of banks more and more, the Intranet is partially extending its boundaries by expanding to consumer and extranet environments and merging into a single “Virtual Workspace” within the corporate information assets. The key areas for the development of the Intranet, on which investments are being concentrated, are Enterprise Content & Document Management systems and Unified Communication & Collaboration tools which, according to 84% of CIOs, are significantly changing the logic of relationships and collaboration of people.

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Professional life support  The Intranet plays a fundamental role in supporting professional life. So it is gradually taking shape as a complete evolv environment. In fact, it is able to integrate more and more company services. Tools to support operations with essential information and applications for the daily performance of their duties.

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