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New tour of useful tools and services. Among the discoveries of recent days, a site allowing you to send faxes for free , yet another site dedicated to Twitter , customizable icons, Powerpoint templates or exercises to type faster on the keyboard . Good discovery ! iconzaIconza : this site offers a set of icons for your blog or your site. Its originality is based on the possibility of customizing them in size, color and background Spain WhatsApp Number List your desires. Ideal for harmonizing your space. web typingWeb typing: after registration, you can learn to type faster on the keyboard. The exercises are available for several levels of experience. So there’s something for everyone!

Among the Discoveries of Recent Days

Always convenient, and free. my faxMyfax : send a fax up to twice a day for free. The sites offering this type of service already existed, this one is valid for the international also. Always good to have on hand in case of an emergency. templatewise Template wise : free templates and backgrounds for your Powerpoint presentations. Ideal for having Spain WhatsApp Number List quickly. Ready to use, what’s more. gee chart Geek chart : The site generates a graph of your online activity. To do this, simply enter the links to your various profiles and blogs. Not very useful, but if you are active on several sites, it can be interesting. tweepularTweepular : another site allowing you to measure your Twitter popularity. With a ranking, of course. And some tools already seen elsewhere, but always good to take (which does not follow you among.

Always Good to Have on Hand in Case

Spain WhatsApp Number List


Many sites already allow you to illustrate your blogs for free while respecting copyright . FlickR has thus just exceeded the milestone of 100 million photos under a Creative Commons license . I also presented you with 100 sources of royalty-free photos , 5 sources of free photos or Spain WhatsApp Number List sites like Everys tockphotos or spffy . A newcomer recently entered this market. This is photoxpress , impressive for the database it offers. Nearly 350,000 photos are listed in this way. Their common points? They arefree, in high resolution and usable in a professional context . You can download up to 10 per day. They are classified into 22 categories : business, people, lifestyle, architecture… It is therefore an excellent source for your illustrations. Let’s add that more than 1,000 photos are added daily , and you will have understood that you have to keep the site in your favorites!

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