In the past the telephone was for telephoning. Today it is call a smartphone and is us to take photographs share files manage emails. Surf the web chat stay in touch with all the social media communities search for information geolocate places. Objects take advantage of more or less dedicat services. via app, scan a QR code pay read newspaper news watch videos, listen to music. In this multitasking, voice has become a complement. In reality the smartphone remains a fundamental device for communication which in the meantime has been digitiz. The information diversifi and amplifi runs through the Web. First the smartphone have become the interfaces of a digital world that is truly at hand. A research conducted by Adobe probes. Marketing managers on the digital intelligence that is profoundly changing the mechanisms of interaction and proposition with consumers.

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Functionality of mobile devices but UAE Phone Number also the interaction of consumers with the surrounding world Analogue and digital. The telephone is no longer the only communicating object digital intelligence is a distributed intelligence. It is the Internet of Things where, potentially, anything is able to send and receive information that travels on the Web.Marketing, which has always been involved in communication, has finally understood that digitization represents a turning point in the way of working and designing solutions to engage consumers and finalize the offer of products and services. The Internet of Things enables and supports new and more creative planning, embracing a multi-channel horizon. Big Data which are useful for defining strategies. But they are many, distributed in different storage systems. This is the main cause of digital marketing stress.

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Over three-quarters of marketing managers (76%) say their jobs have changed more in the past two years than in the previous 50 years. 66 % believe that without a digital strategy companies will be doom to failure. But only half of digital marketers consider themselves very competent in the matter (48%). Digital interaction and the development of new content are the two assets of a design capacity that exploits cross-channeling to enhance the range and quality of messages sent to customers.Digital technologies, if properly exploited, already make it possible to send the right message to the right customer at the right time through the right channel. The communication supply chain is so complete from production to consumption digital intelligence.

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