How to Migrate from Shopify

Sales in e-commerce have not stopped growing in recent years, especially as a result of the pandemic. In fact, according to the IEBS . Annual Ecommerce Study , 62.3% of Spaniards shop online once or twice a month Philippines Photo Editor h . While 25.9% do so once or more a week and 11.8 % eventually.  And almost 90% believe they will spend more or the same amount in the future.  For this reason, new companies Philippines Photo Editor specialized in the sector are born every day . With a greater awareness of the value of having . A professional presence on the network that places them at the forefront of an increasingly digital world.

In This Sense,  Philippines Photo Editor Leading Ecommerce Experts Specializing in Technology

Marketing, analytics, tools and automation will meet on March 31 at the IEBS Ecommerce Day event . There they will share their experiences and knowledge in the application of these questions with the aim that attendees discover.  The best techniques and methodologies in the sector with which to turn their companies into examples of success Philippines Photo Editor in a world in constant evolution. Therefore, The conference will deal with topics as relevant today as Pinterest Ads and how advertising works on the social network. New payment systems for eCommerce and Bizum as a valuable technology, as well as two success stories. Hannun and VICIO, as well as a round table on tricks and good practices for actions without third-party cookies. The program of talks is made up of experts such as Ana Saavedra.

Philippines Photo Editor

Business Development Philippines Photo Editor Analyst at Bizum,

David Morán, CEO at Serendipia Agency, Miguel García, Delivery Director at VICIO and Maurici Badia. Founder of Hannun, among others. The conference will take place on March 31 via streaming from 6:00 p.m. and  Philippines Photo Editor ending at 8:30 p.m. It is possible to register for free from. Online Philippines Photo Editor Marketing and Digital Advertising. Social Ads. Therefore, Branded Content, Native Advertising, Video Marketing.  Data Science, Advertising Audit and In-Company Training.

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