Major Google Update in May How It Influenced the Sites for Which

Google never sleeps: hundreds of changes are made to the search algorithm used by. Google every year, and the most important ones are officially announced. Thus, this month on may 4, a new major update was announced by google. Long story short in case you ca n’t wait to read the whole article. The update has improved the average position in most of the client accounts for which we do seo. Some have not seen any significant changes and in general. We have not seen any decreases. As a general approach. We are careful when doing seo, and with every update so far it has been confirmed that we are doing well.

Long Story Short in Case You Ca N’t Wait

The chart below represents the average position of an online lingerie store for which we have been doing SEO for many years. The following can be seen: The average position changed. Massively from about 15 in February to about 7 in 11 May. It’s a Kuwait WhatsApp Number List big leap forward, which is usually achieved after years of sustained SEO activities in high-competition businesses. Although the update is announced on May 4 , it has been running for a longer period (since March).

A Representative Example the Chart

It started with a “dance” – large fluctuations in positions in March, followed by attenuated fluctuations in early April. It’s a roller coaster that can get you excited if you keep an eye on this chart every day, because you don’t know what’s next. It has been stabilizing since mid-April. The average position seems to improve slightly. Improving the average position in organic results has the direct effect of increasing the organic traffic on a site , which in turn, in terms of maintaining the conversion rate (ie the site’s efficiency in terms of sales) leads to increased sales (online stores) or increasing the number of contacts (at service sites).

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