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The most used channels to look for work The low percentage compar to normal use is explain. By the fact that are convinc that Facebook and company are not in this case. Even companies perhaps underestimate them. But connecting is not enough to find what you want. Above all company pages and profiles  should be monitor. Rather than groups or spaces for discussion on topics and skills close to their training . Facebook is consider effective by graduates to a much greater extent than other channels. Is the social network with the highest percentage of candidates who after. Responding to an announcement they immediately got an insertion.

Looking For Work On The Web

Once you have identify interesting contexts and Cayman Islands Phone Number announcements sending your application can give satisfaction. In addition to thosewho simply apply for a job offer having not yet receiv feedback.  There are those who thanks to social media were contact for interviews found an. Internship was able to access an internship which then continu  or found a job directly.

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The differences between the various social networks Linkedin is frequented mainly by women (54.2%), albeit to a lesser extent than other social networks, and attracts people with a higher educational profile. Those who apply through Linkedin get feedback (appointments for interviews, internships, internships with a following, direct insertions) with a greater frequency (31.6%) than Facebook (22.4%) and Twitter (0%).

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