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The most innovative car has guaranteed parking The point therefore is to go to. What is the best way to give it to it.  An exemplary lesson in this regard comes from Edward De Bono the ‘guru’ of lateral thinking.

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He was once called by Ford, who kept introducing product Finland Phone Number innovations that were immediately copied by other manufacturers, and who asked him how to build lasting competitive advantage. It was too radical a suggestion it was not heed. Dut it is a fantastic example of lateral thinking because. It totally avoid the classic point of view of the engineer who thinks of the car as a set of technologies. Performances adopt that of the average driver. Plagu by traffic and lack of parking.

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Another example comes from England, which in 1954 decided to grant regional TV licenses. Everyone got help from analysts to look for the richest regions, while Sydney Bernstein, owner of a small cinema chain in the South of England, made his offer for the regions of the North West, those where it rains the most, because that’s where people watch TV the most. He founded Granada Television, based in Manchester.

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