Lazyfeed, Between Automated Monitoring and Rss Feeds

Monitoring is getting easier and easier. Admittedly, the sources of information are multiplying, but this is also the case of the tools which make it possible to analyze them automatically. With a little discipline and the use of the appropriate services, it is easy to set up effective monitoring in a short time. Alerts are the simplest and most public. You just have to Latvia WhatsApp Number List you want to monitor, you will receive by email or via an RSS feed the latest related news. One can for example quote Tweetbeep for Twitter or the famous Google alerts . In a fairly similar style, Lazyfeed is an automated RSS readerbased on the keywords that interest you. The service is really interesting and opens up new horizons for the average Internet user.

With a Little Discipline and the Use of the Appropriate Services

If RSS feeds, bookmarking, digg-likes, and other processes of sorting and collecting information are part of the daily life of informed users, we must not forget that the majority of Internet users have no idea what is going on. acts. Ladyfied offers a simplified and intuitive entry to feed aggregation . The functionalities also allow to go further for more experienced users. After a quick registration, you Latvia WhatsApp Number List your research. Each keyword entered allows you to access tagged posts from a selection of blogs. If you wish to keep this search on your account, simply click on .

A List of Assimilated Keywords is Also Present

Latvia WhatsApp Number List
Latvia WhatsApp Number List


A list of assimilated keywordsis also present to help you build your watch. lazy feed Your personal page will then appear as a classic RSS feed reader . On the left, the list of saved keywords will appear. By clicking on the one of your choice, you will see the latest posts concerning this subject appear on the right. Everything is automated, no need to worry about source selection. Great for finding new resources. The service can therefore address different types of public. The average Latvia WhatsApp Number List be able to keep up to date with the latest news related to his favorite artist, his favorite actor or his football team. From a professional perspective, it is possible to choose more targeted keywords. Please note that these should not be composed.

To monitor web 2.0, for example, you must indicate “web2.0” and not “web 2.0”. Ditto for “socialmedia” and not “social media”. Note, the home page offers an index of the most popular tags of the moment. Always practical. The strength of Lazyfeed is to be able to import your own sources . Blogs, FlickR or Twitter or Delicious accounts can be added via your account. You can therefore influence the results and replace your usual RSS reader. Similarly, you can block certain sources. The tool is therefore customizable. The biggest flaw of the service is to use English-only sources . This is easily circumvented by adding your own sources. A tool of this type in French would be excellent, maybe it will happen? To test anyway! To conclude, here is the video presentation of the service :

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