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You drink free beer and watch heavy beats and exotic dance music for parties of 50 or 100 people. You should enjoy the mood. Even let the dance slip away. But instead, you fall into the corner talking about business. Not any business either. You are talking about the blogging business.

I know. Pretty lame, right? But think thought, Philippines Phone Number List because while it may seem like you’re missing the point of “nightclub experience,” the truth is that you’re zealously committed to solving a problem plaguing the blogging world. It may not be life and death, but in fact, most bloggers don’t think it deserves high attention. So, what’s the problem?

It’s Time to Get Serious

Blog makes scary businessman I was in the bank at the Bellagio Hotel earlier this month, talking to my friend Rich Lazara , and we started talking about something we noticed two days before Blogworld Expo. Rich mentioned to me that bloggers are crappy business people (aka take it well) and suggested that if people like you.

Philippines Phone Number List
Philippines Phone Number List

I start treating our blog as a business and we’ll really start seeing better results . At first I was a little surprised by the assumption, but after digesting it this weekend. I realized that he was absolutely right. Over the course of our conversation, we discussed various examples, but I wanted to share three “blog killers” that really stood out to me. 1. Business bloggers make hobby money : These guys (and Gals) work like Gary Vaynerchuk, but they don’t do anything more than hobby money.

Be Honest With Yourself

What they want to say is that they are probloggers , but they let the comfort of their job paralyze them into a sense of security. Rather than live up to their inner desire to be a blogging powerhouse. They use the “hobby blogger” as an excuse to stay exactly where they are. 2. Dreamers : These bloggers dream all day about blogging success, but they never get around to actually doing the work needed to make it happen. They don’t take things seriously at all. For them, spending 4 hours on Twitter is like writing a blog post as productivity. 3. Selfish : These bloggers just don’t see the net or are spreading goodwill. They certainly don’t take the time to cultivate relationships, which can help them reach the next level,

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