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Here is a summary of the activity of job bloggers in the PACA region in recent weeks. A lot of interesting content has been released. Carlos presents to us in a precise and complete way what makes for him the interest of keeping a job blog. A feedback that is very pleasing! Franck went to meet an educator for a fascinating interview about her job. A series to follow closely Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List. Speaking of recurring posts, “Les petits phrases de…” reappears after a year of absence. This time it’s Pauline who goes through Nathalie’s questions. A very nice interview! One year is also the duration of Georges’ absence, who comes back to say hello.

A lot of interesting content has been released

The law “ on the development of training throughout professional life, the professionalization and securing of career paths ” also concerns seniors. Jean-Marie makes a complete point on the question. Do you know the distillation fermentation process? Emilie is our special correspondent in a distillery of the meeting to explain to us in detail how it happens. Interesting ! Imagine the scene: employees offer days off to one of their employees because his son is seriously ill. That would be nice, right? Well, that’s what happened in a company. A lovely story told by Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List. Moving. For Pascal, the fourth summer at Marineland Marine Park in Antibes is looming. It makes you want ! Catherine has just launched her site. Finally, Isabelle presents some of her illustrations.It looks nice !A few weeks ago, I introduced you to Tweets TV, an original service allowing you to create a TV “channel” from your Twitter account.

Jean-Marie makes a complete point

Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List
Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List

Another site now offers an alternative: Feedtrace. Intelligent and well thought out, you can find two types of information there. If you are not registered (or do not have a Twitter account), you will be able to discover the most tweeted videos of the moment. If you have an account, the selection will be automatic and personalized! You will therefore find the most tweeted videos Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List the people you follow. This service should therefore make your life easier and provide you with fresh and cool entertainment with less effort. A good complement to Cadmus which focuses on distributed links. To test ! For the moment, 5 original sites are taken into account: Dailymotion, YouTube, Met café, Funny or die and Vimto. Interesting feature, for each video watched you have the list of users who mentioned it. You can retweet it directly from the site if you wish.

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