Job Blog Competition: Cast Your Votes

The summer competition for the best employment blogs was officially launched this morning. You are already about sixty participants to have registered! The competition promises to be exciting. I had already told you , there are several ways to participate. While waiting for the jury to decide on the registrants, it is possible to vote for your favorite blogs . 20 lots of two Russia WhatsApp Number List an iPod Shuffle are up for grabs for those who vote. On the blogger side, if you have the favor of the public, you can receive a Netbook, a GPS or another of the prizes in play! competition Do not hesitate to come and vote for your favorite blog or, if you have a blog in the race, to warn your visitors and your friends! It is possible to vote once per day and per person to increase your chances of winning.

While Waiting for the Jury to Decide

If you haven’t already done so, you can also place a button on your blog that will allow your visitors to vote for you. To do this, simply place this code in a text widget so that it appears on your sidebar Here is Russia WhatsApp Number List Toolbox . You can discover a selection of 6 online tools and services that caught my attention. On the program of the day, a search engine comparator , a Twitter exploration tool or a plagiarism detector .Good reading ! live typing Live typing : write the sentence or the words of your choice, the site records their writing then provides you with a corresponding gif file.

Will Allow Your Visitors to Vote for You

Russia WhatsApp Number List
Russia WhatsApp Number List

Your readers will then see the words appear on your blog as you typed them! retroogle Retroogle : a gadget site that will serve no purpose other than to distract you for a few minutes. You can search Russia WhatsApp Number List, but with the interface of 1999. Nostalgia, when you hold us blind search Blind search : what is the most relevant search engine? We often tend to answer Google to this question. To dismantle preconceived ideas, this site offers you the results of the three main engines (Bing, Yahoo and Google) in three columns, without telling you which is which. It’s up to you to choose the best and form an objective opinion! A kind of blind consumer test, the idea is excellent. More info at Thierry . topsyTopsy :

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