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Clarifying the objectives of the meeting It is possible to avoid some inefficiencies. By indicating what the reason for the meeting is. To align everyone it is important to send an agenda. Any supporting material a few days in advance to all attendees. To highlight what the outcome is in mind. Next to each item it is also possible to indicate the roles of the participants, for example “shares information”, “contributes to bring ideas” or “can support in making a decision”.

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Reduce the number of attendees Meetings can spiral out Bahamas Phone Number of Bahamas Phone Number control if there are too many of them. It is advisable to incl only the people directly interest in the topic being address. You shouldn’t feel the need to invite all those who have even superficially addressed the issue reiterates Cozen. If you think someone might be offend for not being involve you can send them a memo.

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The manager is there to be an ‘administrator’ of all ideas says Schwarz. For this he must set the tone to encourage learning instead of using the time to. Convince people of his point of view he must be open to listening. He also has to explain that he doesn’t have all the answers – as well as no one else in the room – and accept if anyone proves him to be wrong. Schwarz says that you have to imagine the team meeting as a puzzle: you have to aim to have all the pieces on the table and understand how they fit together.

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