It Would Be Totally Against My Own Interests

Do you know this story? Scorpions need to cross the river. He asked a friendly-looking frog to Poland Phone Number  arry him across from him. “Do you think I’m stupid?” asked Frog. “You’re a scorpion. You’ll sting and kill me.” “No, I won’t,” Scorpion said. “It would be totally against my own interests. If I stung you, I would fall in the river and drown.” The frog thinks in this sense, and agrees to carry the scorpion across the river. Across halfway, the scorpion stung him. “Why did you do this?” asked the dying frog. “I’m a scorpion,” replied the drowning scorpion. “It’s my nature.” This painful little story illustrates what we all see but sometimes forget. Lay the dog down and you’ll get fleas. Scorpions in business, Stung jellyfish. For some reason on how to do business successfully online came from Scorpions.

Totally Against My Own Interests

Perhaps this commonly used make a distinction on social media. When everyone can Facebook, Twitter and blog, suddenly it’s hard for a scorpion to pretend to be a good person. Shortcuts are revealed. When the light on, the small (large) deceit is displayed. Copy blogger was an outlier from the start. Brian teaches his readers how combine direct response marketing (a tool that is too good to be left to Scorpions) with content and social media that delivers amazing value to potential customers. And there are certain others. Chris Brogan has dedicated 11 years to his audience to create his “overnight success,” built on integrity and connection. Darren Lewis , the unofficial best researcher on blogging, demonstrates a tireless effort to create value for his readers and help them become “pro bloggers” in their own right. Dave Navarro , Chris Garrett . Johnny B. Truancy .

Against My Own Interests

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We want to be a good life and decent people. So for the past few months, Brian and I, along with some smart co-conspirators, have been building something for you. A place for a third tribe to come together. Share ideas and inspiration. To educate ourselves on marketing and business techniques – effective techniques for respecting our audience and maintaining our relationships. If you want to learn about it (or frankly, if you just want to take advantage of what Smart Internet Marketing is sign up for the newsletter here.

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