It May Even Have Dropped Even Further Today as Our Attention

8 seconds is apparently the attention span of a human being in 2013 according to a Microsoft study. By way of comparison, it was 12 seconds in 2000. And it may even have dropped even further today, as our attention is constantly solicited by multiple, increasingly simultaneous activities. A 2013 study conducted by Business Insider showed that 88% of American television viewers use their smartphones at the same time as they watch television. Smartphones and the Internet have only made matters worse. Intrusive notifications and advertisements easily divert users’ attention. The Microsoft study, mentioned above, had also shown that “long-term concentration weakens as consumption of digital content, use of social media and technological know-how increase “.

Creative 6 Second Videos as a Forma Video Offers a Very Wide Range

All the difficulty today, therefore, lies in the ability of brands to capture the attention of their target and maintain their interest, and this in a relatively short period of time. With this in mind, Google launched a new 6-second advertising format in 2016: Bumper Ads. The challenge for brands was therefore to seduce YouTube users in a maximum of 6 seconds. To see some advertising videos, we can say that the Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List challenge is brilliantly taken up for some of them. As a format, video offers a very wide range of possibilities. You can easily convey a brand image, emotions, present a product or service, etc., while calling on creativity and originality. This format is all the more interesting because Internet users love it.

Some Examples of Effective Youtube Videos in the Spring of 2018

The lipton tea brand deployed an advertisement on youtube in the bumper ads format. At the start of the summer season, lipton offers a refreshing video to promote the merits of its iced tea. It is also transferring part of its budget (17%), usually allocated to tv advertising, to this short youtube format. Then we go from iced tea to energy drink. The burn brand hit hard with a “messy” video. In this ad, the message is clear: you can clearly see the product and its use at the start of the video. Then, we see an image of the effects it provides.

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