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Globally however 59% have already anticipated BYOD or implement new policies to support it. One in two in fact, increas their investments in Mobile Device Managemen.  Over 70% increas those in Wi-Fi while 46% were grant a budget increase for future projects. Six out of ten have equipp the company population with smartphones and tablets. In Italy, on the other hand the pressure on the part of the executive class to work on the move is growing. But a specific budget has not yet been allocat.

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Furthermore again globally 56% encourage or at least do not Iran Phone Number prohibit the use of personal devices in the workplace.  While only 12% discourage their use for work. But in any case safety comes first 74% choose or authorize devices in order to keep the flow of data safe. While 13% have forbidden their mobility precisely for security reasons. In Italy too, mobility solutions are chosen on the basis of the degree of safety.

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With the digital transformation and new work models, even the office will become obsolete. Will be replaced by a hub with a mix formula between those who travel for work. Those for pleasure, between shar workspaces and flexible work environments. In practice more open and collaborative workplaces less hierarchical.Where the people of the mobile generation will manage their working hours independently, as is already happening in part in the most technological companies linked to ICT and digital business.

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