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Many people feel that their blog themes are too common and mundane to be significant. The truth is that most businesses and themes are considered commodities, so the key is to find sparks of interest that separate your perspective from the backpack. Let’s take a look at the history of the American beer industry that is filled with similar tasting, and some consider completely unworthy, products.

You’ll see that it’s very similar to what other products are Ecuador Phone Number List able to differentiate and distinguish, just tell the right story, use the right words, and better serve the right audience. Hopefully these concrete examples will spark your imagination so you can build your blog subscription.

Be Superior by Talking About What Other People Take for Granted

But first, let’s have a beer. Be superior by talking about what other people take for granted. A year ago, I shared with you the famous story of contributor Claude Hopkins, his work for Schlitz Beer . Back in the 1920s, Schlitz was the No. 5 brand in the U.S. beer market, and Hopkins had to do something to get things right. So Claude started the facility tour. He shows how the beer is cooled in a way . He saw expensive white wood pulp filters.

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Ecuador Phone Number List

His owner told him that every pump and pipe was cleaned twice for purity and that each bottle was sterilized four times. Before being trusted to hold Schlitz beer. He saw that despite the fact that nearby. Lake Michigan would provide an otherwise acceptable source of water, the well was 4,000 feet deep.

Is Superior by Identifying More Closely as Poorly Served Audiences

When Hopkins was asked why Schlitz didn’t tell their customers about it all with strict attention to purity and quality, the response was “every brewery does it.” “But, one else has ever told the story,” Hopkins said. Hopkins Schlitz went from 5th to first in a story that everyone took for granted. An example of excellence in positioning is the recent repetition of books. About advertising and word-of-mouth marketing, where excellent has been made great .

The author even blogged about the story earlier in the week. As an example of how specific details of a story resonate with the message. Do your competitors take it for granted that a story can be built. What details do your readers want to hear? is superior by identifying more closely as poorly served audiences Miller Beer is an established powerhouse in the U.S. beer industry.


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