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Here’s the thing: the more information you share, the more frequently you post, the fresher you keep your site – the better writers/podcasters/researchers/thinkers you’ll be and the greater chance your ideas will spread. That doesn’t mean you should post every day. Quality is just as important as quantity . Find a working frequency that works for your business and audience.

But there’s no way around it. Successful content Algeria Phone Number List marketing involves creating a lot of content and maintaining. It over a period of weeks, months, or even years. But seriously, what can you do? Hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) spent on ads not working?

Overeating Is Bad. Almost Always

Do not throw away the thought of all the content created on the towel! Today I’m going to tell you a technique, – in exchange for some bursts of hard work – that will bring you long time intervals from the hamster wheel of content creation. Overeating is bad. almost always. Overeating? Bad. Get drunk? horrible. Orgy exercise? Not advisable.


But binge writing ? good. very very good. Today’s article will illustrate how to plan, implement and use the results in several binge-writing sessions. (And make sure you scroll down to the SlideShare statement at the end of this post for a visual representation of this technique.) Pick four times in four days. Time progress blocks. When your creative passion reaches its peak. That could mean four mornings in a row. If you’re a night owl, you can do this in four late nights. Schedule it into your calendar and start getting excited.

Plan Outcomes Before You Start

You are about to be very, very productive. Plan Outcomes Before You Start. You envision future marketing goals and plan content that will help you achieve those goals. should you fix first? Ask yourself which content is most urgent. Is it your next month’s blog post? A group landing page? order of auto-reply emails ? A series of weekly newsletters?

Find a set of items that need to be written. Which will benefit from being. Written at the same time. Because they will sound more cohesive. Day 1: Prep, Setup, Outline Get your environment ready. So you don’t have any excuses to stop. Once you’ve started. Grab the rules – have a drink and a snack if you think you’ll need it. Turn off all interruptions, including your phone. Shut down the program that generated the alert. Use reinforcements.

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