Ios 14 and the Disappearance of Cookies How to Adapt

In a previous article, I explained what cookies are, how they work, and why it’s time to retire. The signs are clear: we have regulations that limit. What you can collect and what you can do with the data collected. Apple has already introduced intelligent tracking prevention. Itp 2.3 in safari significantly strengthens. Control over user data accessed by advertisers, etc. In addition, we have the changes in ios 14, about which even facebook has Georgia WhatsApp Number List issued a warning. Which caused a lot of fear in the market. Google has also joined the trend, without much enthusiasm. But the general trend in the market can no longer be ignored. Cookies are dying. Let’s see together what will happen and how to adapt as an advertiser to a post-cookie world. Content ios 14 and the announced death of cookies. Why do you need cookies as an advertiser?

Ios 14 and the Announced Death of Cookies

The impact of the disappearance of cookies for advertisers What are the alternatives to cookies? Location date or geographic data contextual data targeting. By socio-demographic characteristics a post-cookie world. Conclusions ios 14 and the Georgia WhatsApp Number List announced death of cookies apple is the spearhead of the anti-tracking and privacy movement on the internet. In addition to the itp 2.3 I mentioned above. Apple now also blocks third-party cookies. And in the year 2021, another change will take place in ios 14 . Which further restricts the possibilities for advertisers to deposit cookies, collect data, and fine-tune campaigns. It’s about introducing in the settings of devices running on ios 14 an option by. Which users can choose not to allow any application to track them.

Why Do You Need Cookies as an Advertiser

Practically with a single touch, users can decide not to be followed by any site for an indefinite period. ios 14 blocs are tracking At the moment, if you do not want to be tracked or cookies are submitted, you must go to each site and manually uncheck all the Georgia WhatsApp Number List categories of data that can be collected. Many sites do not even allow you to unlock entire categories, but you have to do it manually, cookie by cookie. And as there are areas that work with hundreds of partners who collect information, you will have hundreds of checkboxes. It’s a time-consuming and annoying process, proof that few do. Everyone directly clicks Accept All to get access to the content they came to on the site as soon as possible. Here is just an example: block cookies iOS 14 will greatly simplify this process.

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