Internet Around the World in 2009 in One Image

Internet in 2009, what gives? The Focus site makes a complete point in one image. This concept has been in fashion for some time, we see appearing here and there summary images of the type “And if you had to print Twitter? “. Ideal for having a summary at a glance. In “ State of the Internet 2009 “i, you will find a lot of information on uses around the Canada WhatsApp Number List. For example, 93% of 18-29 year olds use the web, compared to 38% of those over 65. The more people have studied, the more connected they are. The majority of bloggers are between 35 and 44 years old. And a lot of other information that I let you discover

This Concept Has Been in Fashion for Some Time

In the great tradition of customizable videos, here is one coming from across the Atlantic. Proposed by Adecco, it allows you to highlight your boss. And yes, the annual interviews are coming soon, it’s time to shine and stand out in front of your colleagues! Put the odds in your favor (or not) by electing your boss “Best boss in the world”. Just that ! We still regret the lack of personalization of the video, which is content to decline the name of the person concerned. No embed either, it’s quite incomprehensible. But Steve Carell, one of the funniest actors of Canada WhatsApp Number List years and boss not really a model in The office, makes an appearance there. And that’s a great reason to talk about it.To avoid falling too often into the Private joke, here are some cult numbers. Ideal for shining in society or blending in with the decor at a COD party. If I forgot any essentials (as is more than likely), do not hesitate to send them to me in the comments! 0/1 : or the base of the binary language. 0 for false (current does not flow), 1 for true (current flows).

In the Great Tradition of Customizable Videos

Canada WhatsApp Number List
Canada WhatsApp Number List


That is a totally different concept from the decimal base we use. Want to know more ? read this . 1.6180339887 : the golden ratio. Often denoted by the Greek letter Phi and related to the Fibonacci sequence. Has uses in geometry and arithmetic. 3.11 : first version of Windows with integrated network. 4.10 : name of the first release of Ubuntu Linux. Please note, Ubuntu Canada WhatsApp Number List are denoted year. month and not 1.0, 1.1 etc. Hence the first version named 4.10 (for October 2004). Another anecdote, this first version was called Warty Warthog, or in French Warty Warthog. And yes. 5.25 : Second-generation prehistoric floppy disks that now often serve as Frisbees. Appeared in 1981. Pi : 3.1415 etc., the cult number par excellence. And which therefore gives its name to Pi Day on March 14 (3/14). 8 : like 8-bit, power of first-generation console microprocessors (NES, Master System, etc.). Even inspired a style of electronic music inspired by the games of the time.

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